Reflections on Fifty

Today I celebrate my first fifty years and look forward to the next fifty. If my life were to end now, it would have been a rich, full, rewarding and happy life…full of lessons learned, achievements won, love shared, and dreams fulfilled. But…this is only the halfway point….a time to reflect, a time to dream, a time to plan, a time to hope for the future…

Fifty is Fabulous! I’m not talking about Fifty Shades of Grey (not on my “to read” list)…but I thought that I would share “Thoughts about Fifty” from the book that I am reading currently….Diane Keaton’s memoir “Then Again”. As I was reading yesterday, I came to a passage where Diane talks about Goldie Hawn. I’ll edit Goldie’s comments (removing the parts that talk about fame)…I like what she had to say….

“The interviewer asked, “What’s better about being fifty than twenty?” Goldie plunged in with something like “Being a great mom; learning to grow up and love yourself for who you are; letting people be who they are; learning to be spiritually aware; learning to grow into self-esteem. Those are some of the reasons why being fifty is better than being twenty.””

I like Goldie’s list…and I could add to it, of course. I’m a much stronger person than I was at 20…and I’m even happier with how I look at 50 than I was at 20….grey hairs, wrinkles and all! πŸ˜‰ I embrace every high and every low that I’ve face along the road up to this point because they’ve shaped the woman that I’ve become. I look to the future with equal anticipation for the highs and lows that will shape the woman that I am meant to be.

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3 thoughts on “Reflections on Fifty

  1. Carrie,

    I don’t know how to find the letters I wrote to you. I want to thank you for giving me a great idea of snacking on nuts and such. I got the following and mixed them up: sliced almonds, pine nuts, cranberries, pumkin and sunflower seeds. I figured that they contain about 150 calories/ounce. The mixture tastes great and has little volume and lots of calories. I hope it helps me to gain more weight without a bloated feeling. There’s not a lot of food value overall, but it beats cream by the ounce.

    If you think of something I could add to this, please let me know.

    I scanned your blog and see that you are a great photographer. I did a lot of work in photography, but gave it up because I have macular degenerationl. It’s kept in check with an injection of a wonder drug called Lucentis. My vision is acceptable at this point.

    I also see that you are big into dogs. We had one litter of Pulik about 25 years ago. The breeder wanted us to show Lollipop, but she hated having her period and didn’t show well. We kept 2 of her kids and had a crazy time with 3 very active sheepherders with no sheep to tend to.

    Please let me know what other goodies I could add to my mix.



    • Hi Anne!

      I’m glad that you like the nut/seed/dried fruit mix! πŸ™‚ I have it with me at all times and you can adapt it to your own taste or whatever you find in the market. Nuts and seeds are particularly good sources of micronutrients, as well as protein and healthy fats and a good way maximize calories in a small amount of food.

      Regarding dogs…yes, I breed beagles. You can visit my beagle blog at

      I’m sorry it took me a few days to reply…life has been a bit hectic lately! Hope you’re doing well! πŸ™‚


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