Annual Check-ups

Recent visits with my oncologist and neurologist have gone well.  Labs came back normal following my visit with the oncologist.  I’ve experienced fatigue since the beginning of the year so I requested that a thyroid panel be added to our annual routine and, of course, iron and B12 levels were also checked.  Results all came back normal.  My own thoughts about the fatigue are two-fold:  my regular muti-vitmain, Thorne Basic Nutrients III, had been out of stock so I had used a different brand at the beginning of the year.  When I was able to return to my regular vitamins, my energy level improved.  I also struggle regularly with SIBO and fungal overgrowth in my gut which causes morning headaches and fatigue.  Altering (improving!) my diet to discourage dysbiosis also helps to alleviate the symptoms.

Yesterday I met with my neurologist and the gradual weaning off of the seizure medications continues.  I’m now taking 250 mg Keppra once a day and 25 mg Topamax twice a day with plans to further reduce or completely eliminated the meds later this year.  Now, five years post-surgery, I recognize the signs of hypoglycemia and realize that what I experienced in the year immediately following my partial gastrectomy were not epileptic seizures but blackouts due to extreme swings in blood sugar.

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