Two Steps Forward…

…one step back.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written.  There are several things that I can write about in the coming days…and…it seems that I will soon have a bit more time to write.

I had another partial seizure on Sunday, the second since my last visit with my neurologist six months ago.  I know what triggered the first and I had a good long chat with myself after that…”if there’s another, I must report it to my doctor”.  Since we have a regularly scheduled appointment this Friday, I will let him know then.  The bad news is that it will result in increasing my seizure medication and the loss of my driver’s license for six months.

I had my annual visit with my oncologist yesterday, too, and some of the lab work is back, most of it normal, but I am once again quite anemic, which I had already suspected and was already addressing on my own.  We’ll reassess in three months and if I am not improved I may have another iron infusion like the one that I had three years ago.  Not a big deal…just a bit pricey.  I DID feel much better afterward…

Just as life was returning to normal….

Ah, well.  I’ve been down this road before.  I know the way.

With a smile, and a laugh, on we go…


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