Struggling with Low Vitamin D Levels

Do you, like me, struggle with low vitamin D levels in spite of supplementing regularly with D3?  I wrote previously about Vitamin D and this link from Harvard Medical School discusses things that can undermine your Vitamin D level.

For as long as my Vitamin D levels have been tested (2008 – 2016), my levels have been somewhere between 20 and 30 (30 is the low end of the normal range).  Doctors have prescribed supplements, as much as 5000 IU per day, but my Vitamin D level remains low.


In September 2015, after the longest, hottest, driest summer ever in Seattle, a summer in which I got plenty of sun exposure and was taking 5000 IU Vitamin D3 as advised by my doctor, I developed rosacea for the first time in my life.  After doing a bit of research online, I backed off on the Vitamin D (taking 2500 IU), cleaned up some lax dietary habits to improve my gut health, and threw out all of my skin care and makeup (which, to be honest, is minimal) and switched to natural skin care and cosmetics.  The rosacea cleared but in November I began to develop ocular rosacea and chalazion.  Further research suggested that I should try decreasing my D3 supplements yet again and I found that the severity of my chalazion was directly related to the amount of D3 that I was taking.  I could not completely eliminate chalazion without also completely eliminating Vitamin D3 supplementation.  (I did see my ophthamologist and was prescribed drops to help with the chalazion but as soon as one was cured, another would arise).

What alternatives do I have, I wonder?  I need to raise my Vitamin D level but living with chalazion constantly is unacceptable.  A couple of months ago I discovered topical D3.


I ordered this cream on Amazon and I’ve been using it most days for more than a month.  One pump provides 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3.  I’ve noticed that I sleep really well since I started using it and I dream at night now…I have not dreamed for years!  I have also had no chalazion.  I suspect that I may be absorbing Vitamin D better topically and will ask my doctor to test my level again next month when I visit him.

Have you struggled with Vitamin D?  What solutions have worked for you?


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