Osteoporosis Reversed

I had my second Reclast (zoledronic acid) infusion on Monday.  Following my first infusion, I’d had the common flu-like symptoms the following day but this time, the treatment was uneventful.

While I had been previously diagnosed with osteoporosis (in my early 50’s), the results of my dexa scan last fall came back showing “osteopenia”.  Reclast had been effective, along with other steps that I’ve taken to minimize bone loss.  In a previous post, I mentioned that vitamin D3 was having a direct relationship with the development of ocular rosacea and the formation of chalazion.  I don’t understand the correlation and the situation has since changed and I’m now able to take 5000 IU of D3 daily.  I’ve also worked with an acupuncture therapist to minimize the inflammation and irritation at my LES which requires me to take omeprazole regularly.  With her help, with the use of DGL licorice, and minimizing dietary irritants, I’ve been able to stretch my omeprazole usage to once every three or four days…

…until about 3 months ago when I noticed that I was holding tension in my lower jaw muscles, a condition known as bruxing, which typically involves teeth grinding.  Fortunately, I haven’t been grinding my teeth but it was odd that I was suddenly experiencing aching, painful jaw muscles.  I paid attention to when this was occurring, what I had eaten, what my mood was…and, eventually, the medication that I was taking.  I noticed that if my LES what irritated, I was bruxing.  Ordinarily I will have a painful sensation from my LES which reminds me to either take some DGL licorice or omeprazole.  Sometimes I was bruxing without this pain but when I thought about when I had last taken omeprazole, I realized that it had been several days.  If I took omeprazole, LES pain or not, the bruxing stopped.  Again, I don’t understand why…but I’m trying to minimize omeprazole usage without causing bruxing.

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